“What Can Hamsters Eat…” is a common question for new and experienced hamster owners alike. This article aims to answer as many of the most popular questions as possible. With any new type of food you plan to feed your hamster, you should research carefully online and take data from a variety of different sources to come to a safe conclusion.

When you start feeding your hamster’s new foods, start off by introducing tiny amounts into your hamster’s diet. A good rule to follow is – Never feed man made things like candy and confectioneries. Nature knows best when it comes to animals and food manufacturers use obscene amounts of chemicals and additives that are safe for humans but may not be safe for animals.
Disclaimer: DwarfHamsterHome.com is not a vet, nor will be able to provide veterinary advice for any animal. If you are in doubt about feeding your pet certain foods, please seek professional advice.

Can Hamsters Eat Carrots

hamster eating carrots

Yes, hamsters can have carrots. Carrots are great vegetables for your hamster to eat because they are a non-acidic vegetable with a firm and robust flesh which will help to keep hamsters teeth trim. Carrots are ideal for your hamster nutritionally because they are full of vitamins and minerals that can keep your hamster’s coat in tip-top condition.

Some species of Dwarf hamsters are prone to diabetes so you should not give too many sugary foods. Carrots contain a slight amount of sugar (4.7g per 100g) so they should be ok to give as a small treat occasionally for diabetes prone hamsters. Feed carrots to your hamsters sparingly and not every day to prevent stomach upset or watery stools.

Can Hamsters Eat Cheese

do hamsters eat cheese

Yes, hamsters can eat cheese as an occasional treat for adult hamsters, but care must be taken to make sure you are feeding your hamster a safe type of cheese. Lots of cheeses on the market are high in saturated fat and contain lots of added salt and added flavorings so if you want to start giving your hamster an occasional cheesy treat it would be a good idea to start buying the best type of cheese for hamster consumption.

The best kind of cheese for hamsters are low-fat and unflavored cottage cheese. A teaspoon full of cottage cheese is a perfect amount for a hamster. Uneaten remains should be removed within a few hours to prevent soiling of the cage.

Cottage cheese can be an excellent source of protein and calcium for pregnant and nursing mother hamsters as week as young hamsters under six months that are still growing. These hamsters can be given a little cheese as a nutritional boost every few days instead of an occasional treat. Avoid processed and flavored cheese and especially Blue Cheese / Stilton as it is TOXIC to hamsters.

Can Hamsters Eat Cucumber


Yes, hamsters can eat cucumber. Cucumber is perfectly safe, but it is very watery which could give your hamster wet stools if fed too much or too often. A slice of cucumber twice a week is a good amount of cucumber to feed your hamster. Cucumber is an excellent food for baby hamsters as it is very soft for them to eat and it helps get fluids into them.

Can Hamsters Eat Grapes

can hamsters eat green grapes

Yes, hamsters can eat grapes, and they represent a healthy fruit that hamsters love in my experience. Grapes are berries and therefore not citrus fruits which make them perfectly safe for hamsters however if you have a dwarf hamster that is prone to diabetes then they would not be ideal for regular feeding. In order to make grapes safe for hamsters you could fist make sure they are seedless grapes, or at least remove the seeds if they are not. Grape seeds are a choking hazard for hamsters and should indeed be removed. As previously stated some dwarf hamsters should not be fed a lot of sugary foods and grapes have much sugar.

There is no evidence to suggest hamsters prefer green or red grapes, so it all comes down to their personal preference. You should feed hamsters grapes every few days, and they should not be the staple food of a pet hamster. Too much fibrous fruits and vegetables can cause stomach upsets and diarrhea. Be mindful – hamsters like to pouch food and store it away. So feed fresh items of food sparingly and every few days to ensure your hamster has eaten the last lot.

Can Hamsters Eat Apples

can dwarf hamsters eat apples

Yes, hamsters can eat apples, however too much can cause stomach upset and diarrhea. Dwarf hamsters that are prone to diabetes should be fed apples very sparingly and as a rare treat. You should NEVER give hamster’s apple cores or seeds as they contain poison, and you should thoroughly wash any fruit or veg you intend to give your pet as they may contain harmful pesticides on the outside.

Hamsters love to pouch items and food and store them away so a good idea would be to feed a large slice of apple so you can keep track of how much your hamster has eaten and if they have stored it away.

Can Hamsters Eat Strawberries

can hamsters eat strawberries

Yes, hamsters can eat Strawberries. Strawberries are a healthy sweet treat for hamsters and can occasionally be given to your pets in small chopped up bits. Dwarf hamster species that are diabetes-prone should be fed fruits very sparingly and in small amounts if any at all. You can buy dried fruits as well as other pieces of fruit from pet stores or online that all kinds of hamster love!

Before feeding hamsters strawberries you should remove the leaves and green parts as it is claimed by some people online that they are toxic – It is best to side with caution and just remove them.

Can Hamsters Eat Bananas

hamster eating banana

Yes, hamsters can eat Bananas. They are very sugary, so if you have a dwarf hamster, I do not recommend feeding bananas to them. Syrian hamsters can enjoy a Banana treat every so often. A right amount to give a hamster would be a single slice to prevent them from storing away too much and going to waste. You can buy dried bananas as well as other fruity treats at pet stores and online. Hamsters love dried fruit. Watching your hamster eating a banana and listening to them ‘nom nom nom’ sounds is very cute indeed.

Can Hamsters Eat Celery

can hamsters eat celery

Yes, hamsters can eat Celery. There is much questionable information on the Internet that claims that Celery can choke hamsters to death. I believe this can be avoided by giving your hamster very thin slices of celery, so the stringiness of the vegetable is neutralized.

Celery is full of good nutrients such as beta-carotene, manganese and Vitamin C which can help your hamster stay healthy. Celery is also full of fiber which is perfect for a hamster digestive system. As with all fruit and vegetables feed sparingly and not every day to avoid stomach and digestive tract upset.

Can Hamsters Eat Lettuce

Yes, lettuce is safe for hamsters to each, but I would not recommend it because it contains much water and can cause diarrhea and stomach upset. Lettuce has little nutritional value to hamsters, so it is not worth the risk feeding hamsters eat. There are plenty of nutrient-rich vegetables that are much better than lettuce for hamsters. Darker greens such as Spinach or Kale are excellent alternatives to give your hamsters.

Can Hamsters Eat Blueberries


Yes, hamsters can eat Blueberries. Blueberries are a healthy treat for hamsters and can occasionally be fed in moderate amounts. Dwarf hamster species that are diabetes-prone should be fed Blueberries sparingly and in small amounts if any at all. Blueberries are full of vitamin C which is perfect for your hamster’s health promoting a glossy coat and healthy eyes.

Can Hamsters Eat Tomatoes

can hamsters eat tomatoes

Yes, hamsters can eat Tomatoes; however, they are very acidic and watery which can pose some problems for hamsters such as diarrhea or stomach upset. I would not recommend feeding hamsters tomatoes.

Can Hamsters Eat Watermelon

It is not recommended to feed your hamster Watermelon because it contains a high percentage of water which can cause watery stools & diarrhea. This recommendation applies to watermelon seeds, rind, and the skin.

Can Hamsters Eat Bread

Hamsters can eat bread depending on what type. You should not feed white bread to hamsters because it contains little nutritional value and the white flour is highly processed and refined making it convert easily into sugar in your hamster’s body. Brown bread, wholemeal bread, linseed and rye bread make excellent treats for your hamster.

You can also buy healthy organic bread with seeds embedded in the crust which is very healthy and hamsters love to bite the seeds out of it. Bread soaked in milk is perfect for nursing and pregnant hamsters as well as hamster babies. Elderly hamsters with weak teeth can also benefit from soft bread in milk as well.

The healthiest and best part of the bread is the crust which is ideal as us humans throw the crust ends away.

Can Hamsters Eat Broccoli

Yes, Broccoli is an excellent food for hamsters. Broccoli contains ample amounts of fiber, Vitamins A, B, C, K and D. Do not underestimate the nutritional value of the stems as hamsters love chopped up broccoli stalk just as much as the leaves. Broccoli is especially favorite vegetable amongst hamsters.

Can Hamsters Eat Almonds

No, you should NOT feed your hamster Almonds as some of them contain a cyanide substance which is poisonous and deadly to hamsters. Sweet almonds are safe for hamsters, but I prefer to side with caution and only not bother with almonds. There are plenty of other safe nuts such as cashews, walnuts, and peanuts that are great treats for hamsters.

Can Hamsters Eat Oranges

No, you should not give hamster Oranges because as with all citrus fruits, are highly acidic and will cause harm to your hamster. The same advice applies to mandarins.

Can Hamsters Eat Chocolate

No. Chocolate is toxic and possibly deadly for hamsters. Chocolate is full of saturated fat and sugar. Chocolate contains a chemical called theobromine which can be safely ingested by humans but can be toxic to hamsters and small animals. Hamsters are unable to metabolize their chemical, and it stays in their system for 24 hours. This in effect poisons the hamster.

Can Hamsters Eat Raisins

Yes, hamsters can eat Raisins. They are a great sugary treat for hamsters and should be fed sparingly and in small amounts. Dwarf and Syrian Hamsters should be fed one raisin at a time. The smell of raisins makes hamsters very excited and happy.

Raisins are not the only type of dried fruit that hamsters can eat as treats. Others include figs, honeydew, papaya, raspberries, melon, strawberries, cherries and blackberries and you can often find them in pet stores or online.

Can Hamsters Eat Spinach

Yes, Spinach is an excellent food to feed your hamsters. Spinach leaves are full of vitamins and minerals that are perfect for a hamster’s health. As with all greens, though, feed them every few days and make sure you monitor your hamster’s health and stools to make sure they do not get diarrhea.

Although it is a great nutritious snack for hamsters, it has been known to give some hamsters gas. If you suspect your hamster is bloated, you should stop feeding Spinach and opt for another vegetable. As with all fresh vegetables, be sure to rinse them in water before giving them to your pet to make sure they are free from harmful pesticides or chemicals.

Can Hamsters Eat Peanuts

can hamsters eat peanuts

Yes, hamsters can enjoy a peanut as a treat but only if they are unsalted and unflavored. As with most types of nuts, peanuts are excellent sources of protein and they contain a little amount of saturated fat and no cholesterol; therefore, they are great snacks for hamsters. You should not feed your hamsters peanuts in large quantities, as with any food. Hamsters need diversity in their diet, and too much of one good thing can have adverse effects.

Peanuts contain aflatoxin which can be harmful to hamsters in large amounts. A great option would be to give your hamster peanuts inside their shells. Cracking open the shell gives your hamster a great job to do and gives them something to keep them occupied. You can often find these nuts marketed towards bird feeders in pet stores or supermarkets.

Can Hamsters Eat Peanut Butter

Hamsters can enjoy a tiny amount of peanut butter as a treat, but I stress the word tiny. Peanut butter is very fattening and sticky which might cause problems if your hamster attempts to store it in their pouch. Another factor to consider is what type and brand of peanut butter. The perfect type of peanut butter for a hamster would be organic peanut butter with no added salt, sugar, and flavorings. You can find this kind at health food shops and online.

Can Hamsters Eat Popcorn

Yes, hamsters can eat popcorn but only if it is plain unflavoured popcorn. Anything with sugar or salt added to it can be damaging to a hamster’s health. A single piece of popcorn can be a great treat for your hamster and healthy also as popcorn inherits all the health benefits and nutrients of a piece of corn. Do not give a hamster a hot piece of cooked popcorn as it may burn your pet’s mouth.

Can Hamsters Eat Cabbage

Yes, hamsters can eat Cabbage if given sparingly every few days. As with all vegetables, too much cabbage can cause diarrhea and stomach upset. Cabbage contains a lot of Vitamins K and C as well as other assorted vitamins and minerals aiding health and helping keep their eyes beautiful and healthy and a maintaining a glossy, shiny coat.

Can Hamsters Eat Walnuts

Yes, hamsters can eat Walnuts, and they love them. Beware, though, they are full of fat and should be fed as a treat on rare occasions. Walnuts also contain a great deal of protein and would make an excellent nutritional boost for pregnant and young growing hamsters. I have witnessed hamsters closing their eyes as they eat a walnut which shows that they are very nice and hamsters love the taste. You could offer your hamster a fun challenge by giving them the nut inside the shell.

Depending on your hamster’s strength they might not be able to crack it open so feel free to offer them a little health and give them a half-opened walnut shell. Others types of nuts that hamsters can eat include peanuts, cashews, pecans, hazelnuts and pistachios. Almonds, as discussed above, contains cyanide and can cause death to hamsters.

Can Hamsters Pumpkin Seeds

Yes, hamsters can eat Pumpkin seeds. Hamsters are naturally seed munchers in the wild, so it makes sense to make sure they get some seeds in their diet. Pumpkins seeds have tough shells and large kernels. They contain many nutrients that will benefit your pet hamster.

Dwarf hamsters might have a problem eating those big seeds. Feed your hamster pumpkins sparingly and as a treat to prevent them getting overweight. Dwarf hamsters can develop diabetes if they become obese. Other seeds hamsters enjoy Sunflower, wheat, flax and sesame.

Can Hamsters Eat Cherries

can hamsters have cherries

Yes, hamsters can eat cherries as an occasional treat. Be sure to chop the cherry up into halves or quarters for your hamster to easily handle. As with all fruits, make sure you remove seeds and pips as they may be harmful to your pet. Some species of hamster can become diabetic if they eat too much sugar so bear that in mind, however, the occasional sugary treat will not affect them negatively.

Can Hamsters Eat Pineapple

No, hamsters cannot eat pineapple because it is acidic and can cause stomach upset and sickness.

Can Hamsters Eat Kale

Yes, hamsters can eat Kale. Kale is a great leafy vegetable that hamsters love. Kale is rich in vitamins and minerals especially Vitamin A. Kale should occasionally be fed to prevent stomach upset and diarrhea. Other green alternatives to kale include Spinach, Bok Chow, and Dandelion leaves. Hamsters can eat both green and purple kale. You should wash any fresh vegetables with water before feeding them to your pet hamster in case they have traces of pesticides on them.

Can Hamsters Eat Grass

Yes, hamsters can eat Grass. It is one of the most natural things for them to eat in the wild but it is important to be aware of harmful substances that might be in your backyard or garden grass. Pesticides and Plant food can be poisonous, and other animals might have urinated over it.

It is important to wash any grass you will give your hamster under some fresh water. Avoid feeding hamsters too much grass because it can cause stomach upset.


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